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          ☰       部门菜单


          Welcome to the policies and other support documentation section of the University's website (凤凰彩票下载app's Central 政策 Webpage) . These webpages are managed by the Office of the 首席营运官 and day-to-day responsibility for their maintenance and contents rests with the Risk & Compliance Officer.


          • 提供访问,通过一个单一的网站定位,到那些处理学术和商业事务大学的管理政策和其他重要配套文件;
          • 表明哪些文件已经修订,最近还是在去年对这些网页所列文件添加;
          • 表示,对于工作人员的具体类别,那些特别的意义对他们的政策;
          • 提供大学政策的起草指导;和
          • 由大学指南“的文件层次”的手段,以协助各大学文档作为政策,法规,程序和指导方针的正确名称和分类。

          If you have any queries, comments or recommendations regarding this section of the University's website please contact the University Risk & Compliance Officer at Ph: 01 700 8706.

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