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          We have recently moved into 凤凰彩票下载app @ The Hub, to facilitate the smooth running of the campus printing requirements, on-site printing for students & staff.To help with the needs of 凤凰彩票下载app Campus we have installed brand new copy machines which can now supply the best quality images in the most efficient time possible, both colour, black & white with inline folding and stapling in a wide format of options from booklets to just simple stapling corners.Also installed is the latest Poster Printing machine which allows you to have posters printed up to A0 in size on the gloss style stock.All you have to do is email us the file and we can print it out and have it ready for when you arrive or show up with a memory stick or USB drive and we can print from this.



          Printing, Photocopying, Soft Binding: Heat, Plastic Comb & Wire Binding, Laminating A4 & A3, Booklets, Books, Reports, Thesis, Dissertations, Manuals



          目前,上午9点至下午5点 (外学期)

           上午9点至下午5点 学期 

          电子邮件: campus.print@dcu.ie




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          Low output printing & ticket printing prices

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